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What others think of Rolloflex...

As a professional basketball player, I need to make sure my body is in peak condition. As I've gotten older its harder for my muscles to get loose. I use my Rolloflex to loosen up my muscles before all my workouts. I also use the Rolloflex after workouts for any soreness in my thighs and hamstrings. I get great use from my Rolloflex and I recommend one for all athletes.

Jason J. - Muncie, IN
Professional Basketball Player in Morocco

We really like our Rolloflex. We use it for a variety of purposes and have found it to be very effective. I use it before and after I lift legs. It helps me get loose and also roll out my aching, sore muscles. My wife uses it before her long runs. She has very tight IT bands and 5-10 minutes with the Rolloflex prior to the run helps to keep her legs loose. This is a great product for the price and is very useful for different types of athletes.

Andy and Jill K. - Hudsonville, MI

The Rolloflex is one of the best rollers I have utilized in my sports medicine practice. The handles provide a great grip, especially after a workout when patients are sweating and may be experiencing fatigue. The structure of the Rolloflex is very still, thus enabling consistent contact with the skin and uniform distribution of pressure. The rollers on the Rolloflex are comfortable and can be customized. The customer service for this product was outstanding. The Rolloflex exceeded all of my expectations. I would recommend the Rolloflex to any individual that is looking for a superior product to address muscular needs.

Matthew M. DC, ATC - Virginia

I love it! It is so great for after a weekend of games! It has definitely been my most useful purchase of late.

Morgan D. - Alberta, Canada
College Soccer Player

I have used it everyday since my CrossFit competition. It works well. Even my 20 month old daughter likes to use it...haha. Thanks again.

Arik S. - Grand Rapids, MI
CrossFit Competitor